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Nok Recommerce and Logiwa Announce Collaboration

Nok and Logiwa collaborate to strengthen and connect data points across
the reverse supply chain

Logiwa and Nok Recommerce are collaborating to eliminate the black box of data in reverse logistics and bring end-to-end visibility through the full life cycle of returns

LAS VEGAS, Nevada [January 9th, 2024] – Today from the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show it was announced that Nok Recommerce, the circular operating system for full-service reverse logistics and multi-channel recommerce, will collaborate with Logiwa Inc., a leading cloud based fulfillment management system (FMS) for high-volume fulfillment businesses, to provide deeper transparency and increased efficiencies across the reverse supply chain.

The benefits of this partnership are best illustrated when one considers the journey of the reverse-supply chain. As returned merchandise comes back in, Nok’s system enables efficient receiving and evaluation of those units. For brands and retailers, this granular data enables accurate and speedy reconciliation of returns as well as disposition–including restock, resale, refurbishment, recycle and donation. Non-new units routed for resale can be auto listed across brand selected channels through Nok’s platform.

Logiwa’s AI-driven Fulfillment Management System (FMS) is cloud-native and built to manage high-volume fulfillment centers, providing visibility. This translates to efficiency because specific metrics can be tracked and evaluated, eliminating inefficiencies and strengthening best practices with data-driven decisions. Beyond that, Logiwa’s FMS system offers 100% uptime, over 10 hour lead times and 10 times more orders shipped–all of which strengthens the bottom line of any facility. 

Nok manages revenue recovery channels, ensuring brands and retailers maximize incremental sales  through resale (without cannibalizing primary sales channels). By bringing data visibility and traceability to the forefront of the reverse supply chain, Logiwa and Nok are able to establish heightened industry standards for accountability, brand integrity, and reporting practices in reverse logistics. The net positive in the collaboration for shared customers is far greater than the sum of the whole, resulting in massive data efficiencies through improved visibility and more traceable processes.

“Through our collaboration with Nok Recommerce, we’re ushering in a new era in reverse logistics with advanced data integration and efficiency,” said Erhan Musaoglu, Founder & CEO of Logiwa. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to transforming the industry with innovative, impactful solutions.”

“Nok’s platform is designed to be collaborative rather than exclusive,” said Nok CEO Bobby Wann. “Our goal is not to own every stage of the process, but instead to provide a neutral framework under which other services can excel and customers can receive the best possible support. Logiwa is well known for its expertise in high volume fulfillment and  warehouse operations. We invite brands and retailers to take advantage of this collaboration’s ability to scale and eliminate inefficiencies across the reverse supply chain.”

About Logiwa

Logiwa is a leader in cloud-native AI-driven fulfillment technology, revolutionizing high-volume fulfillment for fulfillment networks, direct-to-consumer brands, and third-party logistics (3PLs). Our flagship product, Logiwa IO, is an advanced Fulfillment Management System (FMS) designed to scale operations in the digital era. Logiwa elevates digital warehousing to new heights, ensuring dynamic and efficient fulfillment processes. Our commitment to AI-driven technology, combined with a focus on customer-centricity, equips businesses to adeptly navigate and excel in rapidly changing market landscapes. Discover the future of smart fulfillment and how you can fulfill brilliantly with Logiwa WMS at

About Nok

Nok Recommerce is the circular operating system for full-service reverse logistics and multi-channel recommerce. Nok enables end-to-end transparency & traceability and maximizes recovery across the reverse supply chain. Nok’s circular operating system harmonizes recovery, transparency, and integrity through a suite of software, facilities, and specialized recommerce solutions. Nok is committed to powering the reverse supply chain across industries and fueling the transition towards a more circular economy. Learn more at 


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