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Why Choose Nok?

Unify returns. Drive revenue.
Maintain brand integrity.

See why leading brands trust Nok to power their reverse supply chain from start to finish

Simplify Returns Management

Unify your reverse supply chain through a centralized source. Nok layers into existing processes and workflows to allow for seamless integrations, low lift from your teams, and unprecedented data visibility across the entire product life cycle. Offload your entire returns management operations from receipt through final transaction.

Retain Brand Integrity

Nok operates as an extension of our customers. Maintaining brand equity and integrity in returns handling and resale is an integral part of our process. This is achieved through the highest standards of quality assurance across the nationwide network of Nok facilities, as well as fully customized resale strategies shaped to each brand’s objectives, preferences, and restrictions.

Capture New Revenue

Eliminate middlemen and sell directly to consumers through Nok's multi-channel resale strategies. Our proprietary tools and processes are built to optimize  recovery margins and sell-through rates, taking into account factors like product grade, competition, seasonality, and pricing.

Unlock Visibility

Nok offers real-time, detailed insights into returns, disposition, and resale performance, giving you full visibility across the entire reverse supply chain. With our data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions to optimize your reverse logistics and maximize recovery across channels.

Nok proved to be the ideal partner for scaling revenue through returned and excess merchandise. It was fast and straightforward to onboard with Nok since they were able to provide a customized solution for our particular circular strategies. As a result, Nok helped us to scale our sellable returns by 30% and double our revenue on each unit.

AMAN JAMBAVAT Sr. Growth Manager Wyze Labs

D2C Branded

Utilize Nok’s D2C branded resale tools that retain true-to-brand listings and brand integrity across product lines.

<p>Branded Storefront</p>

Branded Storefront

Launch a branded D2C storefront that opens a new channel of customer acquisition without compromising brand integrity. Branded storefronts retain true-to-brand listings and can link to existing e-commerce stores for a seamless customer journey. Everything from buildout to product fulfillment to dynamic pricing optimization is managed and powered by Nok.

<p>Try Before You Buy</p>

Try Before You Buy

Allow consumers to try products for $0 down before they commit to a purchase. This eliminates buyer’s remorse while building brand trust and loyalty with your customers. Simple integration into any existing digital properties and flexible placements across the customer journey. Full service logistics and fraud protection managed by Nok.


Customize a multi-channel resale strategy based on recovery and sell-through objectives. Choose from 20+ of Nok’s own resale channels or add your own!

<p>Marketplaces & Flash Sales</p>

Marketplaces & Flash Sales

Nok is the exclusive certified reseller on all major marketplaces (eg. Ebay, Amazon Renewed, Newegg, etc.) and flash sale sites for major categories. Acquire a new audience of conscientious and discount buyers with zero worries around MAP or channel conflicts. Nok’s dynamic pricing optimization tools ensure pricing compliance while maximizing objectives.

<p>Additional Channels</p>

Additional Channels

Nok fully optimizes recovery channels for a higher sell-through margin in returns volume. This means also optimizing and revitalizing lower grade items as well. Alternative and discreet resale channels are utilized to make the most out of a product’s recovery potential, while still maintaining brand integrity and preferences along the way.


Achieve full circularity in your product life cycles by taking advantage of alternative disposition channels for repurposing returns. Everything from parts harvesting to warranty replacements can be managed and achieved with Nok.

<p>Warranty Replacements</p>

Warranty Replacements

Flexible cost effective solutions for brands to fulfill warranty replacements utilizing their returns pipeline.



Charitable contributions are an impactful channel for repurposing returned items. Nok can manage the hand-off of donations and measurement of economic impact on behalf of the brand.



Nok guarantees the appropriate handling of end-of-life, beyond economic repair, recall, or other products. This ensures that no items ever reach the landfill and are repurposed for use in the wider circular economy.


Nok’s modular approach allows for full usage of the entire Nok operating system, or a plug and play approach to layer into existing systems.

<p>Nok Facilities</p>

Nok Facilities

Utilize Nok’s nationwide proprietary network of specialized facilities for greater control of movement and handling of products. Nok can manage your entire recommerce operation from inspection to grading to refurbishment to repackaging and fulfillment. Our dedicated and specialized full-time facilities staff is trained with the highest standards of quality assurance and satisfaction.

<p>Nok Powered Facilities</p>

Nok Powered Facilities

Layer Nok into your own facilities, or choose from one of our partner facilities, to fill the gaps in your recommerce operations, expand resale channels, power data cohesion across the product life cycle, and unlock deeper transparency throughout the supply chain.

Full Circular

Gain real-time, granular transparency into returns, disposition, & multi-channel resale performance across the entire product life cycle.

<p>Nok’s OpenAPI</p>

Nok’s OpenAPI

Nok’s OpenAPI sits on top of its wider circular operating system to allow for seamless integrations across RMAs, returns processing and existing management systems. This streamlines data cohesion and transparency across the reverse logistics and recommerce ecosystem, allowing companies to gain real-time visibility into their wider operations.

<p>Nok’s Returns Management System (RMS)</p>

Nok’s Returns Management System (RMS)

Nok’s RMS encapsulates the disposition and recommerce processes throughout the returns life cycle. Companies can now track things like exceptions, defects, processing time, sell-through, recovery, and environmental impact data. Blindly trusting third party vendors without any accountability is now an issue of the past, regain control of your supply chain through Nok.

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