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Nok Recommerce Announces Appointment of New Chief Operating Officer

Nok Recommerce Announces Appointment of New Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Witte is bringing his deep industry experience, including Amazon and Best Buy, to Nok Recommerce’s growing roster of senior leadership.

AUSTIN, Texas [December 14, 2023] Nok Recommerce, the end-to-end circular operating platform that leverages technology and full lifecycle data to turn returns into profits, today announced the expansion of its senior leadership team with its appointment of Jeremy Witte in the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Witte is an industry, and military, veteran with over 15 years of senior leadership experience overseeing large corporate recommerce and reverse logistics teams, as well as his own entrepreneurial success in the logistics space. Most recently, Witte was responsible for a multi-billion dollar recommerce business at Amazon, overseeing the product that powered a global network of facilities and recommerce channels. Prior to Amazon, he served as the Vice President of Reverse Supply Chain (returns and recommerce) for Best Buy, where he led the enterprise-wide redesign of the reverse supply chain that improved recovery by more than $200 million (annually) through the retailer’s $3 billion multi-channel recommerce business.

Prior to his corporate retail tenure, Witte experienced entrepreneurial success in the logistics space by co-founding Elovations Services Group, a special joint venture supporting eBay’s global shipping and cross-border trade program. This connected buyers in over 100 countries with more than 7 million annual international shipments. Witte exited in 2018 when Elovations Services Group was acquired by Pitney Bowes.

“I have worked with some of the world’s best retail brands and I have experienced this industry from multiple perspectives,” said Witte. “My goal is simple: bring my experience in technology, operations, finance, and people leadership to Nok Recommerce and help build a best-in-class team to scale our solutions with some of the world’s best brands. I am extremely passionate about the returns and recommerce industry. The vision of Nok Recommerce’s founders for a full service platform that unlocks valuable insights across the reverse supply chain, coupled with end-to-end visibility for clients has been a known gap in our industry for years. I am excited to be a part of that vision!”

As Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Witte will oversee the growth and success of Nok’s continuous momentum in serving a booming roster of clientele, as well as the continued growth of its strategic partner network. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy to the team,” said Nok Recommerce CEO Bobby Wann. “He will be an incredibly impactful source of industry knowledge and leadership as we continue to scale and push the antiquated bounds of reverse supply chain and recommerce. Known as a titan in the space of reverse logistics, there are few people with the depth of knowledge and track record of success across the gamut of this industry. His combined corporate retail and entrepreneurial experience will help us scale our impact in the world of reverse logistics and reach new heights as a company.” 

About Nok: Nok Recommerce is the end-to-end circular operating platform for full-service reverse logistics and multi-channel resale. The company offers the only platform that provides a full-service solution for managing the entire reverse logistics and recommerce process through a product offering of technology, data, refurbishment facilities, and resale services that seamlessly convert returned products into new revenue streams without compromising a company’s supply chain or brand integrity. Through a nationwide network of specialized facilities, Nok is the only company that can fully manage the receipt, disposition, and resale of returned and excess products, effectively powering the entire circular ecosystem of any durable goods brand or retailer. Leading companies that leverage Nok’s solutions include Dyson, Logitech, Wyze, Joovy, and Jabra, among others.

Nok provides the technology, data, reverse logistics facilities, and resale services to help brands & retailers transform returns into opportunities. Nok is committed to powering the recommerce ecosystem across industries and fueling the transition towards a more circular economy.

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